Imagine being dependent on a ferry boat. Picture having to surrender your freedom of movement to the vagaries of marine weather, fare rises, to ferries’ timetables, and to the unpredictable fluctuations of traffic. Visualize having to travel up to 36 hours to reach the nearest grocery store. How would your life change? What would time mean? And how would you feel about the place you call home? Based on three years of fieldwork, 250 ferry trips, 400 interviews in three dozen island and coastal communities throughout the British Columbia coast this book and website tell stories of mobility, sense of place and time, recounting the rituals of everyday life lived along BC Ferries routes. Ferry Tales, part of the Routledge Innovative Ethnographies series can be purchased online. The audio documentaries accompanying the book can be accessed by clicking on the left navigation tab. Also available here are photos, maps, location essays, as well as five bonus essays: Wishes and acknowledgment One sailing wait (book introduction) The Art of Disembarking The Ghosts of Sailings Past Non-Representational Theory and Ethnographic Research